• Fellowship Programme
  • Session 2
  • 10 - 13 November 2017

The second session of let'sdoc 2017 began with the ten filmmakers reuniting after a month of having worked further on their projects. The tutors for this session were Nilanjan Bhattacharya, Surabhi Sharma and Bishnu Dev Halder. This time, the participants seemed more focused with their concepts and most had shot substantially more with their characters. During the four days of the programme, their new materials and write-ups were intensively deconstructed and discussed to enable them to gain a clear insight into their films and develop a final approach.

Day 1 of the workshop witnessed the filmmakers presenting their projects again and sharing a preview of how they have progressed with their work. The tutors responded with an nitial feedback, to be taken up in the later sessions.

Day 2 was more intense, the participants reconnected with the tutors from the previous session as well as presenting their projects for the first time with the tutor who was seeing them for the first time. The interactions amongst the participant group itself happened on a more personal level, as they felt more of a bonding. The effort all around was to discover those areas which still had room for improvement.

Day 3 continued with the second round of each group of participants meeting each tutor and discussing the reworked projects. The afternoon had a joint session specially focussing on the write-ups for each project. Each participant presented their logline, synopsis and treatment and then the tutors discussed each in detail, marking out weak areas and providing inputs in making the writings more crisp and lucid.
The day was rounded off with the screening of "Twilight of a Life" by Sylvian Biegeleisen, which led to an extended session of further discussions about the art of filmmaking and storytelling.

Day 4, the final day, was set for the final presentations by each participant before the entire group. The session was structured as a formal pitch with the participants getting a standard fixed time for their verbal presentations and their clips. The tutors then scored each participant on the basis of their presentation, clarity, expression, visualisation as in their clips and the creative viability and promise of their projects.

The programme concluded with the presentation of the two grant awards to two projects as selected by the panel of tutors - "Stories from the Exile" (by Tushnik Chaudhuri and Soumya Chakraborti) and "Sheenkhalai - The Blue Skin" (by Shilpi Batra Adwani and Hitesh Adwani).

The day ended with the screening of yet another landmark film - "People I Could Have Been and Maybe Am" by Boris Gerrets, followed up by a concluding dinner.

Congratulations to Tushnik & Soumya and Shilpi & Hitesh !


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