Mind for Stories

DRI was finally able to start the International Masterclass series, this year. The session took place in Jaipur in December 2018, in association with TOSS, Jaipur.

MFS is initiated to bring path-breaking filmmakers – directors, cinematographer sound designers, editors and creative producers to have an informal interaction face to face with emerging storytellers and media students. The 3-day programme offered ample scope for all participants to have an informal and intimate dialogical sharing and critical investigation into masters’ works. 30 participants consisting of filmmakers, media students, cinematographers and film teachers were engaged in diversely enriching dialogue with filmmaker Audrius Stonys, Lithuania, and Producer/Filmmaker Kyungsoo Han, South Korea.

Audrius took the audience to the core of Baltic sensibilities where his universe of cinema reiterates his inscrutable curiosity, fascination and empathy for ordinary people. The process of multiple viewing of his films and dialogue led to an arc in touching upon the transformation of an artist and his experiential reflections through motion images.

Kyungsoo Han, one of the most successful Korean producers with recent films like With or Without You and My Love Don’t Cross the River, shared the journeys of films from concept to realization both in terms of international co-production and creative success as well as the unique relationship and accountability the crew shared with protagonists.

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