1 Eyes on the Ground Ankur Madhukant Vora
2 Exit Sumira Roy
3 Fish Finger Seductions Sarvnik Kaur
4 Faces Siddhant Sarin
5 Lanpham Borun Thokchom
6 Once Upon a Village Srishti Lakhera
7 Saints of Koodalloor Bejon K Vinod
8 The Slave`s Crop Vivek Chaudhary
9 The Triumphant One Maibam Amarjeet Singh
10 A Race to Serve Amarpal Singh Fauzdar
11 Why Does KiberaExist? Ratna Chakraborty
12 My Rohingya Film Dipanjan Choudhury

Standby Projects:

1 Murshida Moupia Mukherjee
2 Enter the Ghetto Saba Rehman

The standby projects/filmmakers will be called upon to be part of let’sdoc 2018 in case any selected project/filmmaker is not able to make it.


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