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Masterclass 2019

Arunas Matelis

Thursday, 7 March 2019 | 2 pm

Goethe Institute/Max-Mueller Bhavan

The Lituanian filmmaker Arunas Matelis is one among the foremost Baltic storytellers who has been fascinated by the ordinary life around and its day-to-day marvels.

Arunas has directed numerous documentaries and they have been awarded more than 20 international awards including awards at IDFA, DOK Leipzig, ZagrebDox, Warsaw film festival, Documenta Madrid, Minsk Listapad, Trieste FF, Oberhausen and the Directors’ Guild of America (DGA) Award. They have also been selected for a number of well-known festivals including Cannes (“La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs”, “Semaine de la Critique”), MoMA and French Cinematheque.

Arunas has co-produced more than 40 films which have been screened over the world and shown at some of the most prestigious festivals.

Arunas Matelis and Algimante Mateliene established one of the first independent film production companies in Lithuania, Studio Nominum, in 1992. Documentaries, internationally co--produced by Studio Nominum, were awarded in many international film festivals as well as successfully broadcasted in Europe and Asia.

“Wonderful Losers. A Different World”, a documentary directed by Matelis is the biggest European coproduction and has received 12 awards till now and has released in 9 countries

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