Sl.No. Proposed film Filmmaker
1 Afloat Arkus
2 Bali M Aravind Kumar
3 City Symphony:Kolkata Ishita Mehta
4 Experimental Parents Sumit Sisodiya
5 ‘He’ was a good ‘girl’ Chandni Sharma
6 My boat seeks a river and other stories... Mehdi Jahan
7 My Journey Into Lost Time Chandan Biswas
8 No tear for lost myths Santasil Mallik
9 The Remaining Anitha Gomathy
10 The Village Girl who Ran Deyali Mukherjee
11 Toola Brand Shreya Rawat
12 Windows to my World Teenaa Kaur


Waitlisted project: A Good Woman | Anuradha Bansal.

If anyone of the 12 selected projects drop out the waitlisted project will be considered for the programme.

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