Selected Participants

  1. Tushnik Chaudhuri / Soumya Chakraborti Stories From The Exile
  2. Rahul Pawar Never told story, Kaha nahi = Kahani
  3. Sourabh Kanti Dutta Liberation ,Vimukti
  4. Subhajit Prasad Hills of Resistance
  5. Shilpi Batra Adwani Sheenkhalai - The Blue Skin
  6. Anshul Uniyal Namgyal Ji
  7. Aarti Shrivastava Nature Tunes
  8. Hemant Gaba When Bullying Brought Death
  9. Nirupama Singh As I See It
  10. Sagar Shiriskar Tukaramji
  11. Divya Hansda Bablu
  12. Parth Vyas Gandhi In Taiwan

PLEASE NOTE : In case any of the selected participants are not able to attend, the position will be offered to the next candidate in the list in order of merit that is currently with the administration.

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