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DocedgeKolkata 2017 Project goes to IDFA Summer School

Writing With Fire
Directors: Sushmit Ghosh & Rintu Thomas

goes to IDFA Summer School....

Writing With Fire  is another incubated project awarded at DoceKolkata 2017.
Sushmit and Rintu have just been to the IDFA Summer School. Here's a glimpse into their experiences...

"At the recently concluded IDFA Summer School, we had an opportunity to spend a valiant week with filmmakers from across the world, in a city where all different cultures met.

16 projects were held in a daily basis in a series of master classes, where 32 participants representing one-on-one sessions, group meetings, film screenings and industry interface to discuss about their projects. Academy award nominated cinematographer Ed Lachman showing us excerpts from his work, sharing some wonderful stories from his early years. Editor Jesper Osmund also elaborated on how to communicate a storyline for a feature project in under 3-minutes. The session with director-editor duo Kim Longinotto and Ollie Huddleston also dealt with approaches to storytelling.

Kim was assigned to us as a tutor and we had the opportunity to discuss our film threadbare with her. The group sessions were all about participants coming together and discussing the challenges we were facing with our projects. What really struck us in these sessions was the humility and grace with which our fellow filmmakers conducted themselves.

The days would usually end with film screenings and intense debates about cinema, art and more! IDFA had made sure that there was ample time for participants to relax over lunches, dinners and boat trips along the city's famous canals.

We've come back revived, looking forward to getting back to filming. But I feel, what we've brought back with us are the meaningful bonds of trust and friendship that will stretch well beyond our individual stories.
" -  Sushmit & Rintu

IBF Classic Docedge Kolkata 2017 Project gets grant

Slave Garden
Director: Abhra Aich

Awarded the IDFA Bertha Fund (Classic) Development grant....

The project was one of the recipients of Docedge Awards and went on to be invited to the IDFA. Recently, this film has also been selected as one of the grantees of the IDFA Bertha Fund. Abhra is currently shooting in the strife-torn hills of North Bengal and we asked him to share with us a bit about his current experienes...

'As you read this, we must have already entered a no internet zone. Over the past year and a half of shooting of this film, we have been occasionally severed from the outside world for several days like this. Mobile internet has been blocked and local televisions are not allowed to operate by the authorities in order to maintain peace and harmony in the area. Darjeeling is under a complete shut down for more than one and a half months now. My journey with this film has been full of surprises. Effects of sudden demonetisation on the tea workers, accidental burning of my character’s home and the present situation have seeped into the narrative of my film.

My film has progressed reasonably well in the past months and a number of windows have been opened up for me, post DocedgeKolkata 2017. In July, my project was selected for the IDFA Bertha Fund. I hope to travel to Amsterdam in November to attend the IDFA Academy and the IDFA festival. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Docedge Kolkata, the tutors I met there and the colleagues who have encouraged me and are helping me to make this film take shape.
' - Abhra Aich

Dhaka Doc Lab, Bangladesh

A new forum is born!

Dhaka Doc Lab, Bangladesh

in association with
DocedgeKolkata, Asian Forum for Documentary

A South Asian documentary co-production platform for incubation and pitching
Dhaka, Bangladesh (8th -13th September, 2017)

The first edition of DDL is looking for promising projects for submission.

Find more at : www.dhakadoclab.org



5 films mentored at DocedgeKolkata 2017 have been invited by Sheffield Doc/Fest for an additional mentoring and co-production guidance during Sheffield Doc/Fest starting from 9th to 14th June 2017 as part of an Indian delegation. Filmmakers would be participating in the lab from 7th – 9th June. The lab is followed by a special round-table with experts and professionals.

Congratulations filmmakers!

Writing with Fire
Sushmit Ghosh/Rintu Thomas
Flickering Lights
Anupama Srinivasan/Anirban Dutta
The Geshe Ma Nuns
Malati Rao
Noon Ko Chia (Slave Garden)
Abhra Aich
Toward Happy Alleys
Sreemoyee Singh

DocedgeKolkata specially celebrates the selection of two awarded DocedgeKolkata projects in MeetMarket, Shefield Doc/Fest :

 Writing with Fire – Sushmit Ghosh/Rintu Thomas
 Flickering Lights – Anupama Srinivasan/Anirban Dutta

Wish you all success Sushmit/Rintu and Anupama/Anirban!

Moments from Doc Lab from Sheffield Doc Fest 2017

DocedgeKolkata, Asian Forum for Documentary receives EDN Award 2017


In a special presentation Paul Pauwels, Director, EDN, conferred DRI and DocedgeKolkata with a recognition that is a great privilege and honour to receive. This year Nilotpal Majumdar was honoured with the EDN Award, in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards developing the international documentary culture.

DRI has worked tirelessly in the face of all obstacles and continued with its mandate of developing an Indian and Asian hub of documentary professionals participating from all over the world. And today, the forum – DocedgeKolkata, Asian Forum for Documentary, stands proud as a renowned focal point for documentary practice and incubation of reality storytelling.

Nilotpal accepted the award along with the entire DocedgeKolkata team on 3rd of March 2017. It was a very emotional moment for DRI, and we cannot express in words the inspiration that it has given us in carrying on ahead.

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