We are happy to announce the projects selected to participate in the
Let’sdoc fellowship programme 2019.

Congratulations to all the selected filmmakers!

Selected Projects

Sl.No. Proposed film Filmmaker
1 Chhara Kushal Batunge
2 Prabha & the road to Delhi Vinita Negi
3 Becoming Lucky Lucky Neog
4 A walk with 29 ghosts Buddhadeb Barman
5 Songs by the river Reema Kaur & Shashank Walia
6 An insignia of a forced winter Ajimesh Saha
7 Outsider Kanishka Sonthalia & Siddesh Shetty
8 Justice fabricated Akhil Vasudevan
9 The world of Echemcha Ritu Konsam
10 How green was my valley Sanjay Kumar Tudu
11 Whose curse? Shubham Kumar Thakur
12 Empty cup; Garden of Sufis Mehvish

Waitlisted Projects

Sl.No. Proposed film Filmmaker
1 Fish out of water Ameya Gore
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