Ryota Kotani Ryota Kotani

Executive Producer of International Programs
NHK Enterprises, INC | Japan

Ryota Kotani has worked with the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) as director of documentaries and news operations, since 1986. He has produced and co-produced some of the finest documentary films in Asia and beyond, over the last three decades. His directed documentary “European Picnic Plan breaking against Iron Curtain” (1993) won awards of HBF (Hoso Bunka Foundation).

Between 1997 and 1999 he worked as an NHK correspondent to Hong Kong Office and later as a documentary producer of NHK's unique satellite channel cultivating High Definition Documentaries like the travelogue “World Strollers” (2005-07) and “Cats!” (2012-14), also as international co-production “Why Democracy” (2007) “Indian Short film series” (2007&08) “Queen and I” (2008), and “The KERIYA” (2016) with NEO and BTV.

His commissioned films like “Chronicle of Amnesiac” (2007) by Anirban Datta, India and “Char… The No-Man’s Island” (2012) by Sourav Sarangi, “Spiral stairs” by Ji Tang (2009) from China and “Japan; Love & Hate” by Sean McAlister (2009) from the U.K was screened and received awards at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival. Now he works for NHK Enterprises as a producer mainly for NHK 4K and 8K channels.