Yukihiko Amagi Yukihiko Amagi

Tokyo Docs | Japan

"Yukihiko Amagi has been serving as the president of Tokyo Docs, the international pitching session for documentaries since 2011. He was Executive Vice President of NHK Enterprises until June, 2011. Previously, he was President of Media International Corporation, the international business arm of NHK until its merger with NHK Enterprises in April, 2010. For more than 30 years of his earlier career, Amagi was a producer of documentary at NHK, which he joined in 1969 after graduating from Keio University where he studied political science. During his career at NHK, he worked at NHK’s New York bureau, where he was involved in various types of production and co-production of documentaries. Also, he was the head of NHK’s Special Program Center, overseeing the production and the co-production of more than one hundred documentaries a year, before joining Media International Corporation in 2003."

Institute/ Organization Profile
"Tokyo Docs is a non-profit organization established in 2011 to host an international event designed to support the overseas expansion of documentaries, including international co-productions. It provides Japanese and Asian documentary filmmakers the opportunity to network with decision-makers from Japan and abroad to help secure funding for documentaries' production and support their broadcast, streaming, distribution, screening, and sales overseas."