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Graduating from the Danish School of Journalism Henrik Grunnet started working at TV2 Denmark. In 1991 he became a documentary film director and a year later started his own company the Grunnet Film. Besides working on projects for his own company he also served as the head of documentaries at Nordisk Film, commissioning editor at DR and media development consultant in Sri Lanka for Danish and Norwegian government. Since 2009 he is the Strategic Adviser at the non-governmental organisation International Media Support.

Institute/ Organization Profile
"Grunnet Film was founded in 1992 as a production company specialising in Documentary Films about Human Rights primarily outside Europe. The company produced and co-produced film about refugees, war crimes, child soldiers, the UN System and many more keeping the focus on stories told with a human and individual point of view. Along with the Danish Film Institute Grunnet Film often follow the protagonists of such films after the film has been aired and create online content for educational and public purposes. They work with film directors and companies and help them reach international funding and an international audience. They are always in search of partners to co-produce with them who have a human-interest story with impact potential and relevance for a European Audience. Some of the Notable Works of Grunnet Film are ‘My Afghanistan’ (2013), ‘My Escape’ (2016), ‘Mogens Lykketoft and The Occasionally United Nations’ (2017) and ‘Love Child’ (2019)."