Marco Orsini Marco Orsini

President | IEFTA | Monaco

Marco Orsini is the founder and president of the International Emerging Talent Film Association of Monaco. He is the writer, director and producer of seven acclaimed documentaries. He creates and produces visual content and media campaigns for the UNHCR. Starting his career in television in the ‘90’s, Marco produced 60+ hours of primetime programming for US & South American markets before turning his talents to writing and directing. His award winning films and scripts have been translated into French, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish, screened at major festivals and played on TV/VOD while earning plaudits from industry journals, including the Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian and Variety. His most recent feature documentary, Beyond the Raging Sea, a collaboration with UNDP and UNHCR, is set for Fall 2021 release He is currently in post-production on Latin 4+, a story of Vietnam you haven’t heard before.

Institute/ Organization Profile
"The International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA) is a Monaco based non-governmental organisation founded with the purpose of discovering and developing film talent from emerging regions, globally. We connect filmmakers to established industry professionals, engage cultural diversity and foster relationships that are; mentoring, inspiring and educational. IEFTA supports local, sustainable infrastructures, respect and protection of human rights, international labour law and environmental impact."