Lianne Llewellyn Lianne Llewellyn

Head of Development | IEFTA | Monacao

Lianne, a UK native, began her career in film and television as the personal assistant to the VP of Monaco-based Daro Film Distribution. Within a few years, she was heading marketing efforts for Daro, organizing and managing its participation in the world’s largest entertainment marketplaces, including MIPCOM and MIPTV. In 2020, Lianne began working with IEFTA, assuming responsibility for all administrative affairs, before transitioning into the role of Head of Development at the beginning of 2022, helping to expand the organisations engagement with major international festivals and development programs for emerging filmmakers.

Institute/ Organization Profile
"The International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA) is a Monaco based non-governmental organisation founded with the purpose of discovering and developing film talent from emerging regions, globally. We connect filmmakers to established industry professionals, engage cultural diversity and foster relationships that are; mentoring, inspiring and educational. IEFTA supports local, sustainable infrastructures, respect and protection of human rights, international labour law and environmental impact."