Esther van Messel Esther van Messel

Founder & CEO | First Hand Films | Switzerland

Esther van Messel, born 1965 in Vienna, is based in Zurich and holds a BfA from the Tel Aviv University. She headed Warner Bros. Israel and from 1992 produced feature films and documentaries in Zurich. Since 1998, she runs FIRST HAND FILMS for production, global sales and theatrical distribution. Today, First Hand Films have been seen by many hundred millions of people.

Institute/ Organization Profile
"First Hand Films is an award-winning interna1onal sales company, a theatrical distributor in Switzerland’s four language regions and a producer based in Zürich. Run by Esther van Messel since 1998, FHF finds partners, finance and deals with the entire production process. FHF has sold thousands of licenses worldwide, turned over more than twenty million Euro and its films have won many awards including Emmies, Golden Roses and Oscar Nominations. FHF works with ambitious and accessible projects worldwide, combining intelligence, practical knowledge and experience. Today, First Hand Films have been seen by hundreds of millions of people all over the world, in cinemas, on TV and online."