Rudy Buttignol Rudy Buttignol

President & CEO | Knowledge Network | Canada

Rudy Buttignol is the President and CEO of British Columbia’s Knowledge Network. Since his appointment in 2007, he has transformed the public broadcaster into a popular, commercial-free television and digital streaming service. Buttignol is widely acknowledged for his expertise and contributions to board governance, public policy advocacy and strategic planning for public organizations and institutions. He is the Chair of the Canadian Association of Public Educational Media. CAPEM represents the common interests of Tele-Quebec, TFO Group Media, TVO and Knowledge Network to the federal government. Since 2000, Buttignol has continued to serve as a tutor and moderator at the Berlin/Munich-based Documentary Campus Master School. He was the founding Chair of the Documentary Organization of Canada; and served as the Chair of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.

Institute/ Organization Profile
British Columbia’s Knowledge Network is a commercial-free public broadcaster and streaming service; funded by an annual government grant and over 47,000 donors. It also receives annual contributions from the Knowledge Endowment Fund. The programming is comprised of arts, culture, environment, history and social issue documentaries along with drama series and children’s programs, from around the world. Through its commissioning and pre-licensing of original documentary features and series, Knowledge Network supports independent production in Canada and internationally.