Kinu Miyano Kinu Miyano

Senior Producer, Global Content Development Division | NHK | Japan

Kinu Miyano joined NHK in 1992. She initially worked on programs that looked into social issues in the Tokyo area and later in 2000 began working on programs with international themes. Prompted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, she focused on peace in documentaries on subjects including the 1945 kamikaze attack on the USS Missouri and the role of Norwegian-mediated dialogue in ending the campaign of violence by Sri Lanka’s separatist Tamil Tigers. She also worked on a documentary series ‘Proposals for the Future’ that highlighted possible solutions to contemporary issues through interviews with influential individuals. In 2020, she transferred to Global Content Development Division, and since then has been in charge of Acquisitions for the World Documentary Slot.

Institute/ Organization Profile
NHK, Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), is Japan’s only public broadcaster. As a public broadcaster funded by fees received from TV viewers, NHK delivers a wide range of impartial, high-quality programs, both at home and abroad. NHK operates two terrestrial television channels, four satellite television channels and three radio networks. It also provides an international broadcasting service, known as NHK World-Japan that also makes some of its programs available on the Internet. NHK was the first broadcaster in the world to broadcast in high-definition (using multiple sub-Nyquist sampling encoding, also known as Hi-Vision) and in 8K