Gunny Hyoung Gunny Hyoung

Executive Producer | EBS & EIDF | South Korea

During his career as a TV documentary director at the EBS Korea, Gunny produced documentary programs in investigative or cultural contents. Previously, he has worked at the ABU Headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as a Program Producer and as one of the training New Media TV Producers at the Radio Netherlands. He is also one of the founding members to launch International Documentary Film Festival in Korea by TV network. The EIDF (EBS International Documentary Film Festival) was born with efforts to bring fresh ideas why documentary worlds supposed to exist for the society. Gunny studied Mass Communication and Film & TV Production at the Wayne State University in America.

Institute/ Organization Profile
"EBS is one of the Public TV Networks in Korea focusing on cultural and educational creative contents. Established as KBS 3TV, Seoul Animation Center and KBS Educational Radio in the 1980s, EBS became an independent corporation in 1990. Since then EBS has produced both children’s and documentary contents. The channel selects documentary programs every year from around the world, ranging from Discovery & Lifestyle, Art & Culture, Nature & Wildlife and Educational films. Since 2004, EBS has been hosting EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF) annually by combining the characteristics of both broadcasting and film festival. EIDF has been expanding the base of the local documentary scene since its launch and opened an Industry program in 2020 to support independent documentary projects and educate emerging producers."