JOHN WEBSTER JOHN WEBSTER, Filmmaker / Producer, Finland

John Webster is a film director & producer. He graduated from the Rudolf Steiner School in 1987 and did his M.A. from the University of Art & Design (UIAH), Helsinki, in 1996. His films are human-interest stories with strong central characters whose lives are followed over a long period of time. Typical to his films is a blend of tragedy and comedy, melancholy and exuberance. John lays particular importance on research and documentary structure, and he gives frequent lectures on his specialty of documentary script writing. He has run his own production company – JW Documentaries – since 1993. Some his acclaimed films include – “Recipes For Disaster”, “What Comes Around”, “Rooms Of Shadow And Light”, “Losing It”, “Different Trains”. John has also been a Member of the Board 2011 - Climate Change Advocate, DocPoint Film Festival; Challenge Europe Project 2008 - 2010 Filmkontakt Nord, Chairman of the Board; 2006 - 2010 Chairman of the Finnish Association of Film Directors (SELO); 1999 - 2003 AVEK: Chairman of the Education Section; 1999 - 2003 AVEK: Member of the Board; 1999 - 2003 The Finnish Film Foundation: Deputy member of the Board; 1999 - 2001 Vice-chairman of the Finnish Association of Film Directors (SELO).