JIANG JIANG HANQI - Development Coordinator and Director, C’est La Vie, Phoenix TV, China

Ms. Jiang joined Phoenix Television after she graduated from the University of Rochester. Her news documentaries “Behind the Incident” (2016) and “The Vaccine Crisis” (2018) examined the vaccine incidents in China and searched answers to bewilderment of the people. Exploring Lai Lai Dance Hall, arguably the only underground gay club for older generation in Shanghai, if not the whole of China, her work “Shall We Dance?”(2018) took an in-depth look at the lives of older gay men and the history of the LGBT community in China over the past 60 years, and was widely acclaimed. As the Development Coordinator of "C'est La Vie", Ms. Jiang also helps the team in establishing global partnership and collaboration.
"C'est La Vie" is a weekly documentary programme of Phoenix Television. It focuses on different livings of society, throwing light on marginalized groups, vulnerable groups, historical figures and controversial figures from all walks of life, including veterans, LGBT, pneumoconiosis patients, illegal immigrants and sex workers. Launched in 2003, "C'est La Vie" has featured more than 1000 characters so far. It touches the hearts of audiences who respond by giving donations to the subjects appearing on the program. "C'est La Vie" has received national and international awards including the Silver Hugo Award for Documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2007 and 2009.