ELLIE JO ELLIE JO, Executive Producer, DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, South Korea

Ellie Jo has pursued a career in the production/distribution of films and documentaries, film events, and publication, for more than a decade, with a focus on independent and art house films. She has worked for the Busan International Film Festival, one of the leading film festival events in the world. As a project manager of both Asian Cinema Fund and Asian Project Market, she fostered and supported up-coming filmmakers in Asia by securing production funds and organizing investment/production matching gatherings. Jo also served as Executive Producer co-curating and managing the whole production of KBS Busan’s Special Documentary Series “Power of Asian Cinema” (10 episodes) which have reached international viewers around the world through the KBS World channel. Jo served as Executive Director of Copyright Overseas promotion Association (COA), a coalition of Korean content powerhouses representing copyright of the Korean entertainment products encompassing a whole range of content from TV programs, music, movies to comics, before she joined DMZ Docs. Ellie Jo is now the Executive Producer in charge of Documentary Industry Team at the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (DMZ Docs).
DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, also known as DMZ Docs, showcases films dealing with "peace, co-existence and reconciliation” accompanied by events like seminars, conferences and the pitch program for DMZ Docs Fund in the Goyang and Paju cities of the neighboring region with DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone). As one of leading international documentary film festivals in Asia, DMZ Docs aims to provide opportunities for growing Korean and Asian documentary filmmakers to have a field where filmmakers and audience together celebrate the festival through documentaries promoting peace, life and communication. DMZ Docs has marked its 10th anniversary in 2018 presenting 142 movies from 39 countries. Despite its short history, DMZ Docs is growing as one of the most important documentary festivals in Asia. The 11th edition will be held in September 2019.