KRISHAN ARORA KRISHAN ARORA, International Content Consultant, SBS, Australia

Krishan Arora is a documentary producer and consultant. He was previously at the BBC in London for ten years, first as Commissioning Editor for documentaries and then as the Independents Executive, responsible for the BBC’s strategic relationship with the Indie sector across all genres. He has also worked as a programming exec for Arte GEIE. Amongst the many documentaries he has produced for UK and international channels through the independent company ‘Antelope’ and now for his own company ‘Mixing Media’ are “Srebrenica - A Cry from the Grave” (IDFA Jury prize and Banff Rockie Grand Prize), “Kung Fu Monks of Shaolin”, and “The Story of Peeping Tom”. As a consultant he advises on international coproduction in the field of documentaries, and is often seen as moderator, decision maker and panelist at documentary events worldwide. He is currently the international content consultant for Australian public channel SBS.