MARGJE DE KONING MARGJE DE KONING, Commissioning Editor, EOdocs, The Netherlands

Margje de Koning, after finishing her studies, made various kinds of documentaries for many different broadcasting companies for nearly 12 years. In 2004, she became a part-time teacher of Culture & Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam (Dept. of Film & Television). In August 2004, she became Commissioning Editor for a documentary slot of 52’ docs, producing and co-producing creative single documentaries on contemporary social, social-cultural and moral issues with a strong human interest angle. Margje had been responsible for the Television Department of IKON since January 2005 and in January 2012 she became Head of TV, Radio and New Media programming at IKON. The Department of Documentary includes 3 labels, which are, EO, IKONdocs and JDocs. The focus for subjects are on human, social issues and human rights issues. From January 2016, IKON has been incorporated within EO with Margje as Commissioning Editor.
EOdocs (formerly known as IKONdocs) looks for creative documentaries in four main subject areas - Faith & Philosophy, Human Rights & Social Justice, Hope & Forgiveness and Earth & Environment. EOdocs wants to contribute to the public debate with an ability for criticism and build bridges between Christians, people of other faiths and non-believers. EOdocs is committed to social impact and high artistic quality and is trying to reach a broad audience.